100% More Bob!

Watch this space…


4 thoughts on “100% More Bob!

  1. It’s getting hard to find all of your web slots, Bob, but here I am! All that column did was make me hungry and thirsty. I’m marking those in my notebook in case I ever get lucky enough to visit Toronto and might even try to stop by to visit the furballs. Might. Can they play an instrument?

  2. Bob, I think we went to Stockton Jr. High and graduated Stagg High school together, I was Evelyn Young then, now Evelyn Freitas. I really enjoyed reading this blog, you use to come over and sing at the house, I had no idea how much you have done in the music world. I married right out of high school to John Chinchiolo, had 2 sons, then divorced and remarried. Funny that you had such a thing for the railroad when you were a child, my husband started working on the western pacific railroad in his early years, which had us moving to Nebraska, and Chicago, and the San Francisco bay area. I have to read more on your music, are you still in a band? My daughter and sons are all so interested in various types of music. Anyway I do not know if you will remember me, or have time to reply, but I do understand going through hard times. Hope to hear from you. Evelyn

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