Segarini: The Weekend Roundup: Broke and Bored?


Segarini: The Weekend Roundup: Broke and Bored?

Things are difficult in the Segarini household these days. Like so many folks suffering the effects of the economic meltdown of the last couple of years, we find ourselves living hand to mouth, one day at a time, and wondering when things will turn around, get better, or at least be less stressful. The financial woes of the music industry, the meltdown of the print media, and the lockout of innovation, the format riddled inability of consulted radio to allow creative on-air personalities to spread their wings, and staff downsizing on the part of corporate radio, have made it almost impossible for many of us to get jobs in the fields we know best, leaving us with a huge amount of passion, frustration, bills, and problems that seem insurmountable. I thank God, and David Farrell for allowing me to write these columns and at least exercise my creative muscles so they don’t atrophy, and for giving me hope in the face of so much gloom. If any of you feel like investing in a worthwhile cause, have a gig I could do, orvoice-work, you know where to find me. For those of you in the same boat, let me share some of the great diversions that have kept me from sliding into the deep, dark black hole of depression….

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